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This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.We really do care about every client’s experience with our company, and this is why we place such a strong focus on customer support.You can contact us by email, telephone, live chat, or you can even request a call back system to have us telephone you.He needed extra time with his hairdo, and while he fussed I told him little tales from my own girlhood, about different exciting first tries of grown-up things like bras and lipstick, about prepping for dates, things like that, so he could share my girlhood, not having had one of his own.We had a lovely time, chatting together like two girls (or perhaps one girl and one crossdressing sissy) anywhere about almost everything.We specialise in adult school boy's/girl's sissy, maid training, toilet, financial slavery, enforced key holding, chastity and blackmail, with interactive tasks and live 1-2-1 training callbacks and of course last but not least, Madam Amanda's explicit real life visitable telephone sex scenario stories.


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