Avoid dating on pof

He will send you a ridiculously unthoughtful message (typically between 1-4 words) and if you make the mistake of responding, he will ask you to exchange contact info (Facebook, number, email, etc.) before he even knows your name. IATS types are in their late-20s to late-30s and are feeling the pressure to settle down or commit.

He often has forgotten his standards and just wants anyone. They typically have careers, goals and passions, but feel as though it’s time to find a significant other to start a family with.

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I may budge if you’re really pretty and willing to let me whip you into shape by sharing my athletic lifestyle. Women are insecure enough as it is with the media shoving Victoria’s Secret models in our face 247, so even if a beautiful size 8 woman was reading this madness, she’d probably realise that if she were to get into a relationship with you, you’d be constantly judging her appearance and lifestyle habits. At 29 years of old (in this day and age), it would be completely normal to meet a woman of the same age with a child.

In any case, even my bad online dating experiences can be learned from.

Afterall, creepo internet dudes can be avoided if you know what to look out for.

I had my settings arranged so people looking for casual sex could not initiate contact.

If they had, 99% of them would never have contacted me.


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