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She is both popular with Pembrooke boys and Riverdale boys, but Riverdale girls aren’t fond of her because of her conniving and flirty nature.Her family includes her father Clifford Blossom a wealthy software engineer, her mother Penelope Blossom, and her twin brother Jason Blossom.She was introduced in 1982 in a Betty and Veronica issue.

Their sneer-smiling mom warned her bubbly blonde sophomore not to follow in Polly’s footsteps. “It didn’t end well,” Betty admitted, before Cheryl cruelly clarified, “In fact, Jason’s probably why your sister had a nervous breakdown, and now lives in a group home. ” Betty refused Cheryl’s bait to share her deep-burning opinion.

packed more twists and turns into its season one finale than perhaps any other teen drama.

(We're warning you now—if you haven't seen tonight's finale, then stop reading.) Let's get right to it.

Her character was created to shake things up and to create what they called a “classic Neapolitan love showdown,” or a brunette-Veronica, Blonde-Betty, and Redhead-Cheryl for Archie to choose from.

After two years, her character was taken out of comics.


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