Dating conversation questions for your boyfriend

Besides, talking about food is universal and always fun. Talk about how good you are at cooking because any man will go crazy for this. Sex sells in advertising and it is no different in person.

You want to talk about whatever comes in your mind such as positions, past experiences, how you like doing it.

You want to support your boyfriend, so finding out what his greatest fear is is a good way to start.Think beyond mundane topics such as school or job, location and personal appearance.Humor and teasers such as "I have a very unusual pet" or "My hair color changes with the phases of the moon" invite potential dates to engage in conversation.To learn more about a partner and improve an emotional connection, ladies should ask their boyfriends the following questions.1. Go past just asking this question and ask your boyfriend why or why not.The reasons behind having children or remaining childless are often more informative than the decisions on their own.2. Although talking about past partners is not the best idea, blind date stories are always fun.Have you ever taken a leave of absence of sabbatical?


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