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So, now they are mine to take care of and treasure. I will probably pass them onto my niece, Lauren, at some point. There were over 2 boxes intact and they sure do make me smile when I look at them. Remember the indented ones, with their inside of shimmery gleaming shine? I’m so glad that they have survived and now I get to enjoy them too.At least for this year, I carefully placed them in one of my crystal bowls on a side table in the living room. Do you have vintage ornaments from your childhood or have you collected some for yourself?I find myself saying this a lot lately, but I’ll say it again… ’ I grew up with an Angel for a tree topper, and Shiny Brite glass ornaments on the tree. Shiny Brite was actually the trade name of the ornaments, but the name has been confused over the years as the style name of the ornaments. Ornaments like these were all the rage in the 1950’s and 60’s, and remained popular into the 70’s and 80’s.But Shiny Brites have been around since before World War II.The fact that Shiny Brite ornaments were an American-made product was stressed as a selling point during World War II, even featuring Uncle Sam on the box! The accurate dating of Shiny Brites is often helped by studying the hook.The first Shiny Brite ornaments had the traditional metal cap and loop.This time of year brings back many memories for people from different times and moments in their life.And for me one of those memories would be of the ornaments on our Christmas tree.

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Those pretty and colorful glass ornaments that many of us grew up with. The oldest box was from a store called Christo’s and the price tag was 59 cents. She said she was afraid to keep hanging them on the tree, cause she had dropped a few and broke them in the last few years and if they fell, they were history. Another one shaped so prettily and the colors are so soft and subtle.

They adapted their process for making light bulbs to mass producing clear glass ornaments, which were then shipped to Eckardt’s factories to be decorated by hand.

Prior to this time most Christmas ornaments were indeed imported from Germany.

I’ve been on the lookout for some of these and have never found any that were a decent price.

And I hardly ever see any just like this with all the colors and shapes. The Gadanke giveaway winners of the journals are: #30 – Cathy #55 – Liberty Bain #65 – Monique W. I w ill email you, so just get back to me and I’ll put you in touch with Katie to claim your prize. I'm Rhoda, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects.


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