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Through community partnerships, a positive reflection within the region and a whole lot of Iron Range tenacity, we have the opportunity to abridge the past and connect communities (much like that massive bridge that’ll soon be connecting northern Minnesota’s Quad Cities) to make the Iron Range our #home for generations to come.

Order your #home shirts now » By Jaimie Niska, President Laurentian Chamber of Commerce Mining, for decades, has and continues to be a huge contributor to our Laurentian Chamber community.

The Iron Range Research Center contains one of the largest collections of genealogical and local history research materials in the Upper Midwest and includes census, naturalization records, passenger arrival records, mining company newsletters, and a survey of Women in Industry taken in 1919, among many others.

The banded iron formation in the range consists of a "interbedded sequence" of chert, magnetite and hematite.

There, we will leave our cars in the back lot and load our gear aboard our deluxe coach and head for our first stop. Please arrive early to allow for timely departure at .

(Due to limited parking at road cuts and in the pits, no private vehicles allowed on this field trip). Please do not set it aside and think you can get a room later!

After more efficient practices for creating steel were discovered, the high-quality ore was abandoned due to its more costly mining expense.

Long Description: The "Three Spot" was built in 1883 and is a Baldwin 2-6-0.


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