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The question of where the Yamnaya come from has been something of a mystery up to now.We can now answer that as we've found that their genetic make-up is a mix of Eastern European hunter-gatherers and a population from this pocket of Caucasus hunter-gatherers who weathered much of the last Ice Age in apparent isolation,” said Dr Andrea Manica of the University of Cambridge and one of the authors of the study.These days, the best knitwear isn’t made-in-Italy cashmere hanging on a rack in your local department store.Instead, the real-deal weavings are coming out of the country of Georgia.The archaeologists’ full report was released yesterday in the latest magazine, which revealed the huge importance of the finding.The discovery was made after geneticists successfully completed DNA sequencing – the process of determining succession of genes – from the remains discovered in the Kotias Klde rock shelter and the Satsurblia Cave sites.

Previously only three links of the lineage were known: early hunter-gatherer groups migrating to the continent from Africa 45,000 years ago, agricultural migrants from the Levant and the northern Eurasian herding tribes called the Yamnaia.Moreover, the hotel is located less than 1km from the absolute centre of Tbilisi (Metekhi Bridge) and within walking distance of the key tourist attractions such as the sulphur baths, museums and theatres...Scientists have discovered a previously missing piece of European lineage after successfully analysing remains of two ancient individuals found in western Georgia.At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi Fall 2017, cozy sweaters and dresses made an appearance at almost every show.Standouts included veteran designer Tamuna Ingorokva’s black mohair with fat cylindrical arms, a cocoon of frothy fuzz.So, why is Georgian knitwear some of the best in the market?


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