Project web access not updating

DSN: Select the data source name for your statistics repository. Insert command is working properly but Updating is not working. dim str SQL as string Dim con As Ole Db Connection = New Ole Db Connection(conn STRING) con. Create Command ' Sql Update Statement str SQL = "UPDATE tbl PLACE SET " str SQL = str SQL & "PLACE_NAME = @PLACE_NAME, " str SQL = str SQL & "PLACE_NAMEH = @PLACE_NAMEH " str SQL = str SQL & "WHERE PLACE_NO = @PLACE_NO" Dim Update Cmd As New Ole Db Command(str SQL, con) ' 2. We have added a feature to export your data to Share Point lists where you can create Power Apps and Microsoft Flows.

NET Framework Version 4.6.00081 Installed Version: Professional Visual Basic 2015 00322-40000-00000-AA009 Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 Visual C# 2015 00322-40000-00000-AA009 Microsoft Visual C# 2015 Visual C 2015 00322-40000-00000-AA009 Microsoft Visual C 2015 Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio Package 1.0 Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio ASP. Generate Unit Test 1.0 Generates unit test code for methods in classes under test.

Based on current status, this bug is not actionable so that we will close the case.

If you need further assistance on this or any other product issues in the future, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. In order to efficiently investigate this issue, could you please try running "devenv /resetuserdata"?

We can create new Projects, Tasks and assign Tasks for each user or for each team/department.

Summary Sharepoint makes it easy to create and manage Projects across the company.


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