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"I look at personality traits and I look at their value system.And most of the time, if you can match those two things you're going to have a good candidate for a relationship."She starts with her database of candidates.” Raleigh, NC, took the top spot, with 66.7 percent of its residents satisfied with the dating scene.It’s followed by San Antonio, Texas (62.5); Boston, Mass. “We expect that each person surveyed rated their city based on their own personal experiences and observations of the dating scene in their city,” Andrew Woo, director of data science for Apartment List, told Bustle.“Factors that could influence these decisions include the number of singles in a similar demographic group, the availability of nightlife and community activities, and whether the city’s layout lends itself to general sociability and chance encounters.” Meanwhile, New York City, known for its ultra-competitive dating market, ranked 10th, with just 49.5 percent of its residents content.

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I could sit here and debate the pros and cons of the singles scene in each city, but I’d much rather hear from readers who are single and have some experience in both regions.With an age range from 21-65 , we have a diverse group of people.We have, at a minimum, three events a week held at locations all across the Triangle area.Or, if you’re really lucky, your boo will take you to Winter Garden at the J. You’re going to want to put a ring on it in no time (the person… Raleigh more often than not tops the list of best places for broadband and Wi-Fi access.That means you can talk to a loved one in Raleigh around the clock.Kelley is always out and about in the Triangle, and she's always sizing people up."I do assess their manners, the behavior, their posture, their personality, whether or not they're smiling, their clothing, their choices," Kelley told ABC11 at a coffee shop in Apex. And all of that takes about five seconds."Kelley started A Introductions in 2014.


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