Updating dell media direct

The Dell Precision Optimizer generates real-time performance reports for processor, storage, memory and graphics utilization, as well as send a system report to IT for analysis.

To view the Dell Precision Optimizer spec sheet, click here.

This intervention typically causes the loss of all operating systems and data on the device.

Unless the drive and all pre-existing operating systems are left as originally installed, Media Direct can trigger a forced repartitioning of the drive whilst attempting to load.Dell Media Direct is a software application that is published by Dell, Inc. It attempts to provide DVD and CD playback and recent editions include features such as an address book and calendar.It is a custom version of Cyber Link Power Cinema developed and licensed to Dell by Cyber Link.Many laptops and even some desktop PCs are nowadays equipped by the manufacturer with all kind of programs that are optimized for their platforms and meant to bring to the user some functionality that is not available anywhere else.Among those applications, Dell Media Direct aims to provide a great experience when it comes to playing movies or listening to music from various sources.Media Direct works in conjunction with the operating system and the Dell Quick Set application.


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