Updating iphoto 2 0 library

i Photo '11 changed how the i Life app shares photos via email, forcing users to create HTML formatted emails within the app; the new update adds back a preference that allows photos to one again simply be emailed out as simple attachments using an external email application.The new update also adds "Classic" and "Journal" themes to email photos sent from the app, and photos attached to an email can now be sized to Small, Medium or Large.

If you have multiple libraries, you'll have to choose which one you want to import. If you're upgrading to Photos for OS X from i Photo and you've only ever had a single i Photo library on your Mac, your upgrade path is easy: After you open the app for the first time, Photos will automatically import all your i Photo images into the app.

Once you've selected the library you want to use, Photos will prep and import those images.

You can still upgrade your other older libraries to separate Photos libraries; you'll just have to individually import each one by option-clicking the Photos icon when starting the app.

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