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Thanks,create table Administrator ( admin Id varchar(20) not null, surname varchar(20), firstname varchar(20) not null, departement varchar(20), primary key(admin Id)); Hi, Use this query to create table, which one you want. Hi, I'm looking to have two tables where I manually input the data, and a third table which automatically pulls data from the two manual tables.If there are duplicates, then to only pull the record which has the newest time stamp.

Only one employee can be the general manager for the store.

The advice I’m giving here is directed at single-partition databases with non-partitioned tables. It consists of: Reorgchk is a DB2 utility that calculates a number of formulas to determine what kinds of reorgs are needed on what tables.

You can run reorgchk on a single table, on a schema, or on all tables in a database.

Since I have scripts already from older versions, I collect runstats first, then run reorgchk.

The Reorgchk page in the Knowledge Center actually has a lot of good information on it.


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