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Black isn’t an ethnicty, nor a region, it’s a skin color.) Okay fair enough , but you also have to admit, that there’s is no telling what that ancestor who contribute that African ancestry looked like. And being white,it doen’t mean that you are not latino.North Africa is a region , and it’s more about politics who get included as North African. At contrary white ancestry and culture is what latino people marino Log in to Reply Most Latinos are mixed with African, Native American and European.The Dna map on her show, had Chad, Mali, Niger, Eritrea , parts of the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia all included as North African. In puerto rico, mexico, south america in general have a lot of lebanese and middle easter inmigrants. Of course there’s white Latinos and black Latinos but the vast majority are a mixed-race people. Log in to Reply Dogg, Latín America is a very diverse place.

you had famous conquistadors like Juan Garrido who was black who married into the new world population. Log in to Reply @Samiiraa Quote(Still not accurate to say she is European, Native American and Black as a synonym for African.

In 2008 The Cheetah Girls parted ways to pursue solo careers.

She is more than a beautiful face; throughout her career Bailon has continually dedicated herself to empowering women and giving back to charity through prestigious organizations, such as, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Boys and Girls Club of America.

Log in to Reply @Samiiraa There was nothing that suggest that ancestor who contribute that bloodline was not black.

Black people have always been all up in North Africa.


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